How do I make the text bigger/smaller so I can read it more clearly or see more?

This depends on your browser, read the answer depending on your browser listed below. If your browser is not listed then try these anyway, you never know the answer below might work for you.
Internet Explorer: Select “View” then “Text Size”, then select “Larger” or “Largest”.
Firefox or Opera: Hit the plus or minus keys on the numeric keypad on the right hand side of the keyboard.

How do I remember where the site is? (How to bookmark the site or add to your favorites).

This depends on your browser but generally you will find a Bookmarks | Bookmark Page or Favourites | Add to Favourites within the menus at the top of the browser. Simply click this and follow the instructions.

What to do if you notice a problem?

Use the Contact Us form to let us know. We will get back to you within a few days.

How to contact us?

Use the Contact Us form. We will endeavour to contact you within a few days of submitting you question. Please be sure we will not pass on your contact information to anyone else.

I’ve forgotten my password! How do I reset it?

Editors and contributes within the site have accounts which can be accessed by logging in. If you forget it then its easy to reset it. Just click on the Log in Problems? link here or on the bottom right of the site. This will then ask you for your User name (if you cannot remember this then enter your email address in the E-mail address field). Then follow the instructions and you will get your password reset.

How can I change my password?

First you need to login with your currently password (if you have forgotten it then see above to reset it). Once you have logged in you will notice a My Account option on the Users menu to the right. Follow this and then the Edit your information link.
You will now be presented with a form. You can change anything on this you wish but at the bottom are two password fields. Enter your new password twice and “Save changes”.

How can I view PDF files?

All of the documents on are archived as PDF’s. To view them you will need a free PDF reader from here. One installed you can download any PDF and view it with ease.

What is an RSS news feed and how can I subscribe to one? provides an RSS news feed for our village news. The link to our news feed is at the top right of our site next to this icon RSS News Feed. To subscribe to this RSS feed, either drag the orange RSS button into your RSS reader, or drag the URL of the RSS feed into your RSS reader, or cut and paste the URL of the RSS feed into your RSS reader. The reader you use is up to you, they are freely available for all operating systems.

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