About the Web Site Team

Original founding web team- 2005

Here is the team that was involved in the original development of this web site.

Below is the current web team lineup.

This page is not o­nly here so you can see who has been involved in creating the web site.

If you have web site experience and wish to help out please contact the parish council.

John Allred
Joyce and I came to live in Nafferton on retirement in 2001 to be near to our daughter’s family at Burton Agnes. Nafferton is full of friendly people and we quickly joined in many of the activities. Being a librarian I’ve worked with information and computers since the early 1960s. I see the Parish Council’s web site as another good way of helping everyone to be as happy here as we are.

Tim Butler
Always lived in the village. Currently working as a Teacher / Network Administrator / ICT Technician in a Primary School and one of the techies on the website. In my spare time I enjoy music, martial arts, cinema, web design and digital photography.

Jim Cornmell
I have lived in the village with my wife since 2002 and enjoyed every second, finding the locals both friendly and helpful. Between us we are involved in this web site and the garden club so have made many friends in the village.
I’m a software engineer by profession having gained a degree in Computer Science in 1993, in Hull, and since then working for British Aerospace, The University of Hull, and an Oceanographic Research Company amongst others. For my sins I’m one of the techies for the web site.
When I get any spare time I like to make and use telescopes. Since my my main hobby is astronomy I’ve just started my second degree in Astrophysics with the OU, for fun! Yep I really am a geek! If you are interested visit my website at http://www.JimsCosmos.com/

David Crossley
Graduated from Strathclyde University as a pharmacist and worked in industry until retirement. Now spending time keeping fit with tennis, golf, swimming and walking and volunteering at NYMR. Previously Hull Daily Mail correspondent for Burton Pidsea and recently completed an evening class in building a web site.

Heather Winn
I have lived in Nafferton for the last 61 years, where my father, grandfather and great grandfather also lived. In 1960 i qualified as a member of The Society of Apothecaries of London, and then worked at the local doctors surgery, at the East Riding General Hospital and later at the Bridlington District Hospital from which I retired in 2001.
I have been actively involved with village affairs for many years – the Village |Hall, Nafferton Open Show, the Women’s Institute and All Saints’ Church.
In my spare time I enjoy crafts, cooking and love travel and spending time with our two sons and grandchildren.

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