What the Parish Council Does

The Nafferton Parish Council is responsible for:

  • Grass cutting and village maintenance.
  • The Mere.
  • Jubilee Gardens, benches, the notice boards and various open spaces in the village.
  • The bus stop.
  • The village playground on the Pinfold (public access for all).
  • The war memorial.
  • Commenting on planning applications, licence applications and local plans.
  • Naming Streets.
  • We are also the sole Trustee of our village’s Recreation Club charity.

In the Parish of Nafferton. We can also help with other matters, such as highways, which are the responsibility of the ERYC.

The Parish Council has a (part time) handyman whose responsibilities include cutting the grass, spreading salt on the pavements in winter and other small maintenance issues round the village, such as trimming shrubs and watering plants as required.

As the Parish Council deals with some matters involving children we have adopted a safeguarding children policy which can be accessed by clicking here:-
Nafferton Parish Council safeguarding policy

The following important policy documents of our Parish ouncil can be downloaded by clicking on each:-

Code of Conduct,
Freedom of Information Scheme,
Freedom of Information Complaints Procedure.
Nafferton Standing Orders-5

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