Refuse Collection Vehicle Fire

Refuse Collection Vehicle Fire

In recent weeks we have had 2 fires in the rear of our refuse collection vehicles potentially caused by electrical items, batteries, or BBQ coals. It is believed one of the fires was caused by disposable vape items, the lithium battery in these can be unstable although any battery can potentially cause a fire. When batteries are placed into bins that are decanted into a refuse collection vehicle, there is a danger that they can split when they are moved about and compacted with other waste in the rear of the lorry – this can cause fires.

One of the wagons in mention was a commercial vehicle, fortunately no one was hurt, and the fire was successfully extinguished. It really does highlight the importance of using the correct disposal method for your waste and is a prime example of why we cannot collect or move electrical or battery waste via a refuse collection vehicle.

Due to the strict regulations involved with the movement of commercial waste (any waste that does not come from a council tax paying household) we cannot remove any hazardous waste, electrical waste (including batteries), builders waste or waste oil, a specialist removal company would be required to move these types of waste legally, they will be able to provide you with the correct Waste Transfer Note for the waste they are licenced to take.

The quickest and easiest way to find a suitable local company to move specialist waste would be to search online ensuring you use the words Commercial waste or Business waste as part of your search criteria.

Please do read the below link regarding commercial responsibilities relating to batteries.

Although we cannot deal with your specialist waste we are still here for your general everyday waste and recyclable items. For more information about our flexible agreements and cost-effective solutions to your waste disposal needs please contact us on

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